I Threw Away a Bunch of K-Beauty Products – Here Is Why, Part II

As Sigrun recently posted a post about products that she threw away, I thought that it would be a good time for me to do the same. As I’m packing up my stuff for Seoul, I’ve been cleaning and behold – part II of things that have ended up in the trash! Banila Co –Continue reading “I Threw Away a Bunch of K-Beauty Products – Here Is Why, Part II”

Laneige Review ♡ Water Sleeping Mask Lavender

Claiming to be an intensive moisture sleeping mask that makes the skin look clear, bright and revitalized in the morning – you guys know I had to try this out. Enriched with Laneige’s Sleep-Tox complex, this is supposed to be a good night’s sleep. Most of us have heard of the regular water sleeping maskContinue reading “Laneige Review ♡ Water Sleeping Mask Lavender”

Our songs this summer

You can’t be into K-Beauty if you’re not into K-Pop. Well… That’s our philosophy. This summer, as they say  – coming to you live🎬. Say hi to our top summer beats. For the record, not in any kind of specific order.   #1 Pentagon – Shine     #2 방탄소년단 – Anpanman     #3 DreamContinue reading “Our songs this summer”