11 days of sheet mask – part 2

If you thought that using a sheet mask every single day would be fun, think again. I started this challenge to take some sheet mask time each night before I went to bed. However, I quickly figured out that I have to start using some of these during the daytime. I’m the kinda person whoContinue reading “11 days of sheet mask – part 2”

11 days of sheet mask – part 1

We’ve all heard about 12 days of Christmas, or am I wrong? Starting from the 25th of Dec – the first day of Christmas I’ll be doing my own little sheet mask challenge! There are multiple kb-bloggers out there that have tried out a 7-day challenge using a different sheet mask every day for sevenContinue reading “11 days of sheet mask – part 1”

How I prepare my skin for sheet masks

Applying a sheet mask isn’t just slapping it up on the face, there are actually some steps that you should do to get the most out of your treatment session. I always double cleanse, I mean – hows the mask gonna do its magic if my skin is dirty? There are some masks there that canContinue reading “How I prepare my skin for sheet masks”