What to do if you have over exfoliated your skin recently.

The Vampire Facial from The Ordinary has taken over TikTok, IG, and YouTube. For many it’s a great option for Exfoliation. In this post, we’ll breakdown how over-exfoliation can actually leave you with bigger problems than what you expected. Here’s what you need to know. Have you ever seen someone with ultra-shiny almost too glowyContinue reading “What to do if you have over exfoliated your skin recently.”

Should you really opt in for non-comedogenic skincare?

A is for Acne. For a lot of people breakouts can feel like a never-ending battle. For myself, it was one of the reasons why I couldn’t continue working with this blog and post about the amazing products I tried out. With stress and hormonal changes comes acne, and acne and pimples.. well. Stress. ItContinue reading “Should you really opt in for non-comedogenic skincare?”

Ingredients you shouldn’t mix with retinoids.

Maybe you like to mix and match when you’re making a cocktail on a friday evening. In this post we’ll break down the different skincare ingredients you shouldn’t mix with retinoids. With everything trending on IG, TikTok & YouTube its not hard to fall for the promise of baby soft skin. During these days mostContinue reading “Ingredients you shouldn’t mix with retinoids.”

I Threw Away a Bunch of K-Beauty Products – Here Is Why, Part II

A while ago Sigrun posted a post about products that she threw away. As I packing up my stuff for Seoul, I went through my stuff and behold – part II of things that have ended up in the trash! Banila Co – Water+ Water Dear Hydration Toner This is actually a toner that IContinue reading “I Threw Away a Bunch of K-Beauty Products – Here Is Why, Part II”

Beauty Trend: The Jade Roller

You have probably seen the jade roller on social media during the last year as its a big beauty trend at the moment. However, it’s not something new. Rumor has it that the rollers are said to have been invented during the Qing Dynasty in ancient China. In Chinese culture, jade has held a specialContinue reading “Beauty Trend: The Jade Roller”

I Threw Away a Bunch of Half-Used K-Beauty Products – Here’s Why.

When you’ve been trying and testing your way to better skin for the better part of 3 years, you accumulate a lot of products you either won’t finish or that are way past their expiration date. This is my trash bag of products I won’t continue using: COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment TonerThis toner has beenContinue reading “I Threw Away a Bunch of Half-Used K-Beauty Products – Here’s Why.”

Did the Etude House Soon Jung series save my skin?

Sensitive, red and acne prone skin. If that is triggering for you to read – I can relate. I struggle with that every day. My skin needs the utmost care with both soothing and hydrating ingredients. Etude House’s Soon Jung series of products promise all that and more. It started when Rana tried the WhipContinue reading “Did the Etude House Soon Jung series save my skin?”

11 days of sheet mask – part 2

If you thought that using a sheet mask every single day would be fun, think again. I started this challenge to take some sheet mask time each night before I went to bed. However, I quickly figured out that I have to start using some of these during the daytime. I’m the kinda person whoContinue reading “11 days of sheet mask – part 2”

11 days of sheet mask – part 1

We’ve all heard about 12 days of Christmas, or am I wrong? Starting from the 25th of Dec – the first day of Christmas I’ll be doing my own little sheet mask challenge! There are multiple kb-bloggers out there that have tried out a 7-day challenge using a different sheet mask every day for sevenContinue reading “11 days of sheet mask – part 1”

How I prepare my skin for sheet masks

Applying a sheet mask isn’t just slapping it up on the face, there are actually some steps that you should do to get the most out of your treatment session. I always double cleanse, I mean – hows the mask gonna do its magic if my skin is dirty? There are some masks there that canContinue reading “How I prepare my skin for sheet masks”