Dewy Skin on Long Haul Flights? Yes Please.

During one of my long haul flights to Seoul pre-pandemic I had a couple of hours in Dubai. During this transit stay, I was approached and (no lie) questioned for my skin. Honestly, being approached while walking around isn’t something that happens on basis in Norway. When I was younger and living in Beijing, China,Continue reading “Dewy Skin on Long Haul Flights? Yes Please.”

Part time break/things are changing

It’s been a while since we posted anything here. We are talking about pre-covid times. Trust us, we haven’t forgotten about you. But it is more about the fact that we sort of don’t have the energy and time we used to, compared to when we started this blog. So, our lives might be aContinue reading “Part time break/things are changing”

Our songs this summer

You can’t be into K-Beauty if you’re not into K-Pop. Well… That’s our philosophy. This summer, as they say  – coming to you live🎬. Say hi to our top summer beats. For the record, not in any kind of specific order. #1 Pentagon – Shine #2 방탄소년단 – Anpanman #3 Dream Perfect Regime – Playlist #4Continue reading “Our songs this summer”