I Threw Away a Bunch of K-Beauty Products – Here Is Why, Part II

As Sigrun recently posted a post about products that she threw away, I thought that it would be a good time for me to do the same. As I’m packing up my stuff for Seoul, I’ve been cleaning and behold – part II of things that have ended up in the trash! Banila Co –Continue reading “I Threw Away a Bunch of K-Beauty Products – Here Is Why, Part II”

ABC – Part I

Korean beauty is well known for its innovating use for ingredients, but for real, what the heck are the most of them? Every single time I’m ordering new products, I end up Google’in the living dead out of myself. Sometimes I just give up and order stuff while hoping for the best results. But now,Continue reading “ABC – Part I”

How I prepare my skin for sheet masks.

Applying a sheet mask isn’t just slapping it up on the face, there are actually some steps that you should do to get the most out of your treatment session. I always double cleanse, I mean – hows the mask gonna do its magic if my skin is dirty? There are some masks there that canContinue reading “How I prepare my skin for sheet masks.”