About Us

Ggooltip (꿀팁) was born back in 2017 as a part-time hobby for two girls, obsessed with Korean Beauty, where they could share skin care tips and review different K-beauty products. The blog was first launched on Tumblr, but as the rates went up, they decide to create a real blog, with real reviews, from real people.

Nowadays, one of them resides in Seoul, and one in Oslo, providing them the perfect chance to get their hands on the latest products and catch up with all trends and more!

We take pride in providing useful content, meaning that when we feature a product, we do so because we believe that this is something that you might want to try out, although it might not always work out for us.  We never accept payment to include products in any of our content. Hence, this blog is wholly run by our funds and products we purchase for our personal use.

Whether you are a skin care novice discovering the double-cleanse method for the first time, or a pro experimenting with acids, consider us a resource, guide, and 친구 who is here with you and for every step of the way.


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