Dewy Skin on Long Haul Flights? Yes Please.

During one of my long haul flights to Seoul pre-pandemic I had a couple of hours in Dubai. During this transit stay, I was approached and (no lie) questioned for my skin.

Honestly, being approached while walking around isn’t something that happens on basis in Norway. When I was younger and living in Beijing, China, there was an occasional ‘hi can I take a pic with you and my kids?’ situation going down. But except for that, never-ever.

While walking around in the Duty-Free store I was approached by three saleswomen that were dying to know which products I used and what my routine was. To be honest, yes, friends can comment on things, but it’s not something that happens and something I talk about from except here. But, in this scenario, weirdly enough, i just pulled up my 3CE wash bag and started showing them every single item.

Pro Tip 1.

One of the primary keys for a good carry on toiletry bag is brining product you both hate and love, and soon to be empty. Why? Let’s dive in.

Love – you need those items you can’t live without and that actually does the work.
Hate – products you’ve tried a couple of times, you couldn’t stand them, but yet – you didn’t throw them out. Maybe it’s the time to get rid of them?
Soon to be empty – you’ll probably use them up by the time you’re back home. Soo, it’s ok to replace em.

Pro Tip 2.

I’m one of those girls that travel with a fresh set of comfortable clothes. Typically cotton, linen or silk. My second option is always polyester free, and there are a couple of reasons for why I travel with different outfits in my carry on. It doesn’t depend if i’m flying coach or business/first class, but you’re sitting down for a long time and with the several temperature shifts on a flight, wearing something that truly works isn’t always easy. First things first, opt for layers. Taking off a layer or adding one is a lot easier than hot flashes or freezing to death. A lot of times we also travel from warm to cold places or vice versa. Secontly, breathable materials like cotton, silk or linen are more circulation friendly. When wearing fabrics that don’t breath, odors or sweat will actuallty sink in and stick to it. It’ll also make you feel dirtier than you are. Thirdly, comfortable shoes! A lot of people recommend wearing flats, I recommend wearing sneakers you can actually walk in. Most airports are bigger than expected, and you might be one of those guys running to the gate last minute due to changes. You don’t wanna flop around tripping and falling in flip flops. Bring an extra pair of shoes, maybe you wanna swap things up when you land. Just don’t forget to pack light, keep it breathable and bring something you can walk in.

Pro Tip 3.

Always start with a clean face. A lot of times I do tend to put on some makeup, but I dont keep it on while up in the air. It’s just about the fact that I don’t wanna look like a total bag of trash when I’m at the airport. It’s just about looking presentable. This step kinda depends on which class im flying, but I either wash my face 10-15 mins before boarding or as soon as the bathrooms are open during flight (I don’t wash my face in economy bathrooms, I’d rather use the one in the airport instead). After washing my face, I put on some toner and slap on a moisturizing sleeping mask instead of a regular moisturizer. Mid-flight I once again wash my face if possible, or just wipe it down with some toner.

Pro Tip 4.

Got many samples? Bring em with you. It’s a great chance to find a new product you might love, or just a great way to use up things you wouldn’t use on a daily basis. Got a handheld mirror? Bring it with you. This way you don’t have to run back and forward to the bathroom during your routine.

Pro Tip 5.

Take it from a germofob, wipe down your table, seat, armrest and remote control/screen with some Dettol wipes. Airplanes tend to be super dirty, although they are cleaned between flights, it doesn’t mean that it’s the cleanest place on earth. Also, bring some hand-sanitizer with you to make sure your hands are clean at all time! Now, this might be strange pre-covid precautions. The air on the airplane is recycled, and wearing a mask will help prevent illness like colds and so on. A lot of you might think I sound stupid, but there are a lot of germs on an airplane. Nowadays, you gotta wear one. Do yourself a favor and stick to it. It’s just about hundreds of people breathing the same air.

Pro Tip 6.

Toners, toners, toners. So many options and which ones to bring on a flight? I opt for toner pads as they have a slight more exfoliating effect and are easier to travel with. Until I got my hands on the COSRX Standard Pad Case, I’d just put some pads in a small zip-lock bag and bring them with me like that. There isn’t a good explanation for why im doing this, but as mentioned – it’s all about the products you love. Toners are great for removing dirt and debris, and the right toner always does something for you.

Pro Tip 7.

Don’t aim for one sheet mask for two long flights. If you e.g., got two long flights during a day, bring two masks with you. Why? Well, they provide extreme levels of moisture and make sure your skin doesn’t dry out. After toning, slap it on, and get a few mins of rest. When you’re done with the mask, fold it, slap it on your neck for a few mins and call it a day. When it comes to eye masks, opt for hydrogel options. These will not only make sure the delicate area under your eye stays moisturized, but it will also prevent puffy eyes! Just remember, what you are doing is totally ok. People will look at you, let them. Love yourself.

Pro Tip 8.

I prefer bringing a sleeping pack/mask instead of a moisturizer. On long flights I try to sleep as much as I can and that is the main reason for why I swap out my regular moisturizer with something heavier. Once again, slap it on, let the product sink in, and let it do what it is supposed to do. Since they tend to be a little bit more on the heavier side compared to a regular moisturizer, they provide a lot more moisture.

Pro Tip 9.

During a long flight, mist your face. There’s nothing else to say. A face mist does a lot, and it keeps your skin hydrated between take off and landing. If you’re on a shorter flight, the mist will do a lot for you. Also, they work great as a toner or a setting spray.

Pro Tip 10.

Japanese Hot Eye Masks! This might sound a bit weird and strange to alot of you. But they are SO much better than the ones provided on long flights. They warm up, smell amazing and honestly – they make it so much easier to get some rest. I use the ones from Kao Megurism or the ones sold at Olive Young. You can find them on Amazon and eBay too.

Final Thoughts

To summarize things, those are my biggest and most important tips and tricks when it comes down to taking care of your skin during long distance flights. Just remember, drink a lot of water, stay hydrated and get some rest. And yes, these days this isn’t that actual right now, but don’t forget about it when we can travel again!


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