Part time break/things are changing

It’s been a while since we posted anything here. We are talking about pre-covid times. Trust us, we haven’t forgotten about you. But it is more about the fact that we sort of don’t have the energy and time we used to, compared to when we started this blog.

So, our lives might be a tad bit different due to the circumstances. But with me, moving to Seoul, coming back, and starting a job here in Norway, a lot of changes happened. As for Sigrun, she came to Korea with me, stayed for a couple of weeks, and moved to a whole other part of Norway. The situation kinda changed for her too. Btw guys, she got the cutest puppy ever!!

To this day, 99 percent of our conversations are about skincare and how we can solve the issues we are going through. The discussions still consist of what products to try, which ones to skip, and which ones we have fallen in love with. But, the time for posting about products isn’t right for us at the moment.

We are not saying goodbye forever. It is not like we’re 2NE1. You’ll see a post here and there, perhaps once in a while, if we feel like it’s something to share with you. So, to sum things up. Don’t stop checking in on us. Keep giving us those clicks that make us really excited each time we’re checking out our admin pages.

In the meantime, stay safe. And of course, take care of your skin!


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