I Threw Away a Bunch of K-Beauty Products – Here Is Why, Part II

A while ago Sigrun posted a post about products that she threw away. As I packing up my stuff for Seoul, I went through my stuff and behold – part II of things that have ended up in the trash!

Banila Co – Water+ Water Dear Hydration Toner

This is actually a toner that I had super high hopes for since I have dehydrated skin. As much as it does have a natural scent, that doesn’t bother me, nor stings my skin in any way, I’ve been struggling with using it up. I tend to put my toners in my 3CE travel spray bottle and spray it all over my face. But, my main issue with this toner is the fact that it gets super foamy, and I don’t like it. To be honest, it’s a gentle toner that provides a lot of moisture, but it’s just not for me. I actually gave this to one of my friends, and she loved it so there’s a chance you might too.

Etude House – Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum

I did a review on this a while ago, and after the review, I really tried to use it up, but since it did nothing for me, I ended up throwing it out. If you would like to read up on some details about it, check it out – but to be honest, there is nothing good to say about this eye serum. It does nothing at all, and that actually sucks since I had super high hopes for it, mainly because the emulsion I use from the same series.

Etude House – Berry AHA Bright Peel Mild Gel

This was actually one of the first K-Beauty products that I purchased, and my first introduction to peeling gels that remove dead skin by flaking it off when the product is massaged onto the skin. The product itself is easy to use, quite gentle, but there’s one thing about it. I just don’t think that it actually did anything for me to be honest. When it comes to the ‘skin flakes,’ it’s not skin – but product buildup.. I actually gave it a quite good review a while ago, but there are so many other products that do such a better job when it comes to my skin. This product was also given to the same friend who loved the Banila toner and guess what, she loved it. But then, she’s not into K-Beauty, so the threshold for how products work is somewhat different than ours.

A’Pieu – Air Fit Cushion XP Bonobono Edition

Supposedly, the plan was to make this the first makeup review ever on the blog tried by both me and Sigrun. A cushion with fantastic coverage that stays on the whole day, and doesn’t look bad when it comes to dry areas, pores, and so on. As for what is normal when it comes to Korean color ranges, it comes in two different shades that are quite adaptable and dont oxidate. But, oh my god – it made our skin break out so badly that we both had to spend months figuring out what the cause was and how we could fix it. To have said it, once more – we do have super sensitive skin. This might not happen to you, so you should try it out if you want a good cushion!

Skinfood – Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Sleeping Pack

Sometimes you try to get your hands on a product so badly that the whole experience becomes disappointing. We cried for this one, died for it, and forgot our bananas and chips for it in Paris. To be honest, it’s a gentle product. But I never got the hang for this one, something you can read more about here.

Son & Park – Beauty Gel

I got this a week or two after purchasing my first bottle of Beauty Water. The one thing I can say about it is the fact that I spent so much time using it up that I had to throw it out in the end because of the expiration date. I do think that this is an excellent product if you do use a lot of makeup and want to prepare your skin before the whole process, after your skincare routine. But in this case, it took up quite the space and wasn’t used as much as I would like to.

Etude House – Dear Darling Water Tint

To be honest, this is a blog post that is 90% done at the moment after almost two years. The one thing that’s missing are the real swatches taken by me. However, taking product pictures, especially when it comes to makeup – that’s one hell of a complicated thing to take. I’ll try to finish the post up before I’ll move, but for now the tints are fine. They are buildable, easy to use, and cheap. I have used them a lot, but the thing is as the color range is quite red and I’m more into nudes I dont end up using them as much as I wanted. So, instead of throwing them away or taking them with me to Korea, I’m giving them to a friend of mine 🙂

Skinfood – Egg White Pore Mask

This product is yet another of my first K-Beauty products purchased. I’ve done my best to use it up, but after two years it’s about time that I throw it out as it’s past its date. There’s actually nothing negative to say about this pore mask since it did work for my pores. However, with so many products in use, I kinda forgot about this one. I’ll definitely get this while living in Seoul if my pores go real bad!

Skinfood – Rice Mask Wash Off Mask

The same goes for this one, didn’t use it and then it was suddenly expired. Now, when it comes to both this mask and the pore mask. I’d always store both in the fridge, why? Due to their calming properties. As this is an excellent scrub for sensitive skin, it does a lot such as brighten, even out, and hydrate. My trick? Use the pore mask on areas in need some love, and this one where there’s a need for exfoliation while hydrating. Hello, flawless skin!

COSRX – AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid

For over a year ago, I had the worst breakouts due to the A’Pieu cushion, and to be honest, my skin didn’t want to cooperate. Sigrun recommended that I should incorporate a somewhat stronger acid in my routine and so I did. Now, this essence-toner-like liquid didn’t just banish my acne, but it also cleared uneven skin tone. Although my skin is a lot much healthier, I have to be honest. I’ve hesitated a lot when it comes to throwing it out since there’s so much left. But it isn’t safe to use acids that are past their expiration date as they can harm your skin. However, if you are struggling with whiteheads, order the COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid asap, and dont forget to apply sunscreen while using it!

COSRX – Hydrogel Very Simple Pack

A staple on my vanity for the last couple of months that you can read about here. Unfortunately, it did go bad since I didn’t use it up by the time I had to. Luckily, there weren’t more than four to five pads left, so I did manage to use most of them up before they went wrong. But what happened? The other day, as I went to slap a few on. I noticed that the essence had turned into a brownish-yellow liquid and that’s a no-no. Don’t apply things that have changed their color! The product itself is impressive, great for those times where certain areas need some love for a quick pick me up!

So, to sum things up – although the post is called ‘things I threw away’ I do think that it is important that we give away the things that we dont like or use up since its not exactly super environment friendly to throw things away. When it comes to things that are past their due date, don’t give those away since one might react on them. But, other things – like things you have reacted on, or just didn’t like – use up and so on, give them away.

You can read more about the a few more of the products here by pressing the links:

Etude House – Berry AHA Bright Peel Mild Gel
Skinfood – Rice Mask Wash Off Mask

Have you given something away recently, or thrown something away? Let us know why and which products! xx


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