Skin Food Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Sleeping Pack

Before we started using Korean Beauty, our nighttime routine was the same as our daytime routine. While our last visit to Paris, we ended up at Sephora and had to try this sleeping pack out, aiming for a royal sleep!

The Skin Food Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Sleeping pack is a sleeping pack that helps strengthen the skin barrier by sealing in the moisture overnight with a ‘waxy honey-like’ texture. In the consideration that honey has been used since ancient times, it is well known for its medicinal properties in both Western and Eastern medicine.  Known for its features, it makes an excellent beauty remedy with anti-aging, moisturizing, and antiseptic properties. Hello, our savior!

So, Honey Propolis? What is it?

We have been through it many times, so this isn’t the time for ranting about it. But there is something special about this product. The propolis used is extracted from black bees, it was fermented for three days, then afterward stored for 7 while aging at a low temperature. The propolis used in this mask is 100% pure.


The pack aims to provide the skin with a barrier during a good night of sleep while delivering pure efficacy to the skin. Skin Food has branded it as a ‘no effort skincare in a tube,’ due to its ability to form a moisture barrier onto the skin while sleeping, locking the moisture in. It is clear that this is a product aiming for skin strengthening and clean enough for sensitive skin. But before we actually get down our results, let’s talk about the packaging.

It actually has quite a beautiful packaging, it comes in a cardboard box, with slight gold and brown tint similar to its tube. Skinfood’s done an excellent job when it comes to branding and packaging, simple – yet delicate. It also has honeycomb shaped details, both on the box and the tube. It is a bit ‘shit’ that they actually have made a plastic tube, then placed a sticker on it – but to be honest, it doesn’t matter because it hasn’t fallen off or gotten ‘ugly’ during the time the product has been used.


So, let us talk about our opinions.

I honestly don’t know if there is so much to say about this product. First things off, when we saw it at Sephora, I do think both of us got a bit excited due to our previous encounters with these ingredients. As we came home and tried to find it online, it seemed like the product was on edge to be discontinued. However, in the end, both of us managed to find it online (we’ll get to this further down in the post).  My first impression was that the product itself is quite dense. When applied, it doesn’t feel oily on the skin, but it does create the previously mentioned barrier on the skin. It’s not uncomfortable, and it does make the skin feel instantly moisturized, but I do think that it works more as a ‘lock’ for what is applied before it. Sometimes it does do a better job alone, rather than in combination with others. And you know what, it is super strange… It doesn’t smell like honey at all! It feels more like coke!! In Norway, we used to have a coke (as in Coca Cola) popsicle many years ago, and it has the exact same smell. Sometimes I wonder if they taste the same as well. It’s not like expected, to be honest, it’s not bad, I kinda like it. I do think that a more natural scent would have been preferred in this case. To be honest, I don’t believe that this is something that I am willing to re-purchase for now, there are so many other products out there that do so much for my skin that I honestly do feel like I should try things I haven’t tried before.


Before we take a look at what Sigrun’s thoughts are, we need to make one thing clear. It was such a struggle finding this product. Now, we don’t know if the rumors are true, but it looks like they have been having financial issues lately, something that leads to our biggest question here – does the brand still exist? They do have a Korean site, and I (Rana) tried to Google Translate things out of it. But from the looks of it, it looks like they are trying to save the frim, but there’s no 100% correct answer out here. For me, I am definitely checking their stores out in Korea just to figure out what is going on!

From Sigrun’s aspect and what she thought, her review is quite similar to mine. It worked well the first times using it, and then as the skin got used to the formula, it wouldn’t soak in. To be honest, she kinda stopped digging it after a while, and she doesn’t like the scent of it either. As she’s quite sensitive, things that are heavily scented might provide an unwanted reaction. Just to say it out, it’s too intense.  It’s just not up in her ally either.

The thing is, as we are discussing this post – we both agree to the fact that we found products that were so much better right after buying the Skinfood sleeping pack. It literally took us a few days, and we had new favorites. We kinda hyped this product up so severely in between us, and we had the worst crush on it, to be honest. You guys know those crushes that feel amazing in the start, but after a couple of days – they suck. It’s kinda like the God’s of K-beauty wanted us to fall for the trap, and think that we found something surprising.

So, to sum things up, I (Rana) went to the Skinfood Store. It was there. They sold Skinfood products everywhere, so we honestly dont get it? Why? What? How? Can someone please tell us? It’s not like we are dying to get our hands on this product again, but Skinfood does have other products we like. So it would actually be a good thing to figure out the facts in this case. But, when it comes to the product – meh. We’ll let you guys decide.



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