Laneige Fresh Calming Toner

With dry and sensitive skin I consider each purchase twice. When I had to buy my last toner I really had to put in some extra effort making sure that this wasn’t something my skin was going to react from. That’s why I ended up trying out one of Laneige’s hypoallergic toners.

The last toner I used before this one from Laneige, was the COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner. I never wrote a review about it, simply because reviews take time and all products aren’t worth the time it takes. If I’m going to sum it up, the toner itself wasn’t bad. However, it was too strong for my sensitive skin. Yes, it did calm down my breakouts a tiny bit, but my skin got so dry it honestly wasn’t worth it. The area around my nose would start to peel, whole flakes of skin would fall off and it wasn’t a pretty sight. So I went from using it twice a day, to once a day until I used it up.

After my semi-bad experience with COSRX, I had to find something that wouldn’t be so strong. So the endless nights with extreme amounts of googling started. In this case, I was prepared to go for something a bit more expensive just so that I could try products more on the expensive side. Now, I’m not saying that this is a super expensive toner, but price-wise and amount-wise, COSRX, Etude House and so on are so much cheaper when looking at what you get versus the price you pay.

Then, I suddenly came across the hypoallergic and dermatologic-tested toner from Laneige’s Fresh Calming line. Back then this series was quite new. But before we dive into the product, let’s rant about the line. The Fresh Calming line was created for people with dehydrated skin, and as a lot of us are aware of, dehydrated skin comes issues such as combination skin. Oily T-zone and dry patches on all other parts. Supposed to balance the moisture levels while balancing the skin, I honestly wanted to try the whole concept. But I had to control myself due to the extreme amounts of skincare products that I have in my storage here.


Infused with nutrient-rich Deep Sea Water and Lychee Peel Extract it aims to deliver instant, soothing, skin relief. The Deep Sea water balances and strengthens the skins moisture barrier, aiming for extreme hydration while the Lychee Peel Extract provides soothing comfort with the use of antioxidant protection. Making it perfect for sensitive skin types. Formulated without oil and alcohol, yes. That’s right. They’ve removed a factor that makes many of us react! Further on, the toner only have 10 ingredients, that are put in the bottle for a reason. Another thing to add is the fact that it’s made without mineral oil and synthetic pigments. To add some more, not does it only aim for hydration but it’s supposed to be a mean killer when it comes to enlarged pores.  It’s good for normal, oily, combination, and dry – so this is actually a pretty simple toner that can be used by anyone.

So how do you use it? Just like any other toner, soak a cotton pad with the Fresh Calming Toner and gently sweep onto the skin. You can also pat it in with the use of your hands. I tend to transfer my toner to smaller spray bottles so that I can easily spray it onto my face and then tap it in. No waste! This toner can also be used AM and PM.  (‘Somebody hit the lights so we can rock it day n night people getting down that’s right from am to pm’♩ ♪ ♫ ♬). Laneige also suggests that you can use this as a DIY sheet mask, but I’ve never tried it this way.

Laneige uses the extract directly taken from the peel of the Lychee Fruit which contains strong antioxidant properties to protect and sooth the skin. It also helps to alleviate skin damage caused by harmful fine particles and UV rays in the environment. On the other hand, the deep sea water delivers abundant moisture while generating the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (also known as NMF) to improve skin barriers and boost hydration. But, let’s get into why I got hooked on this toner!


It’s a very hydration toner that provides a subtle cooling sensation immediately while soothing my skin without causing any irritation.  I also noticed that it improved my complexions oil-moisture balance, so that’s good! In the end, my skin felt super refreshed and I honestly didn’t have any reactions, honestly none. Scent-wise, it’s amazing. Sometimes I would just sit and smell the toner due to its amazing scent. It’s kinda like the perfect spring/summer perfume. But, it did take me some time to get to the end of the bottle, now, I earlier mentioned that other toners might cheaper but when writing about it recond that this actually is bigger than e.g., COSRX toner bottles – so you do get a bang for your buck in this case.

If I am going to mention something sad, it’s something I noticed towards the end of the bottle. There were some particles in the bottom of my bottle! Not the tiny spray bottle that I put my travel toner in, but in the Laneige bottle. I hadn’t noticed it before, so I kinda got a bit disgusted by it cus you never know what it is. At some point, I thought about it being tiny particles from my cotton pads. But then again, these do not exist in any of my other liquid products. I honestly don’t know,. Something might have happened since it took me a while to use it up. It could also be due to the fact that the product is so pure and clean, that it happens because of oxidation or something.

Yes, this did end my perception of the toner towards the end. But at the same time, nothing happened when I was using it, so I finished up the bottle and moved on. I do recommend this toner if you struggle with the same concerns as me and want something that really does what it says. It solves the issue while providing hydration and moisture without any bi-effects or complications. I’ll definitely put it in my eBay shopping cart, but I don’t think that I’ll run around inside the Laneige store in Seoul for this toner. Now, this does not have anything to do with the product, but just the fact that I would like to try out new things!

&& I’m so sorry for the shitty pictures this time! Gotta start doing a better job for you guys!


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