VT Cosmetics Cica Care Cica Mask

Have you ever tried a product with one special ingredient that makes you want to try out the same ingredient in every other skin product you use? Sigrun and I tried out the Cica trend, and well – we’re addicted.

It all started with the worst breakouts of our life. Both of us ended up with the worst acne ever, and in our research, we came across Cica (Centella Asiatica). I feel like we have talked about this so many times, but I guess its never enough.  This time, I’ve tried out the VT Cosmetics Cica Care Cica Sheet Masks!


The VT Cica Mask is developed with skin friendly, patented fabrics, supposed to adhere to the skin as a second layer. Due to the lightweight and thin fabric, the mask is supposed to be comfortable to use. Further on, the essences and ingredients can more effectively penetrate onto the skin. The products aim to be suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. Claiming to soothe redness while leaving the skin supple and plump, while providing moisture and revitalizing effects, this might be a good mask for those who actually have trouble with redness and dryness.

Containing ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Chamomile, Fairy Fruit Extract, and Moroccan Argan Oil, this mask does really bring on the A-game when it comes to moisturizing and soothing ingredients. To be honest, I don’t know what ‘Fairy Fruit Extract’ is, to be honest. I tried to google it – and as a person majoring in technology, I would think that I would manage to figure it out. However, I got nothing. Except for some information from a seller on eBay, ‘Fairy Fruit Extract moistures and infuses the skin with moisture’. I mean, if something provides moisture, then it already infuses the skin with moisture? Why state the same thing twice?


As for the brand themselves, they call their cica complex for ‘CICA Centella Balm’. The main ingredient is still Centella Asiatica. Just think of it as the ‘Cicapair’ branding from Dr Jart+.  The CICA Centella Balm Complex actually contains 1,000 ppm of Cica, making it super potent. Honestly, these levels are high! With these amounts and levels, I can truly state that this mask can effectively repair and calm sensitive skin. As for the other ingredients, Chamomile soothes and calms the skin while Moroccan argan oil moisturizes the skin.

So, when it comes to my opinion: I do feel like this product is a lot more different than other sheet mask products I have tried out here. First, of, the packaging is more paper/foil-y, rather than the regular plastic pouch. I do guess that this is created with some amounts of plastic as well, but it’s not what you regularly get when you purchase sheet masks. Dr Jart+ actually have the same kind of packaging.  I quickly notice that the amount of essence in the pouch is extreme. Previously I felt like the Etude House and Mediheal essence levels were extreme, but this takes it to a whole another level, to be honest. Although I have applied essence to my neck,  chest, and arms while letting the sheet mask work its magic, there’s still some left behind in the pouch. (If you wanna see the insane amounts, take a look at the product page – it’s in Korean FYI). I really wanted to show you guys the insane amount by my self, but honestly, I don’t have the conscience to do it.  I just can’t force my self to squeeze the essence out and not use it.

It’s not only the packaging that is different in this case, but the mask itself also isn’t created out of the ‘regular’ sheet mask fabric. It has more of a fabric feel to it, might remind me of medical gauze, (you know, the bandages you e.g., wrap around smaller wounds). It also comes with a protective plastic layer folded in between the mask. To be honest  I don’t get the full meaning of these. I do think that they are there so that the mask can be applied easier, but making any kinds of conclusion here is nonetheless weaker than an assumption. If you want my honest opinion, I do feel like this is a waste, but at the same time – the quality and fabric of the mask requires some form of protection and ‘help’ while storing it.

Still focusing on the sheet mask quality, unlike other masks, this won’t rip apart in case of pulling too hard when applying. It’s easy to place over the face, and won’t curl up if you don’t put in the extra effort. Scentwise I cant notice a strong scent, the product itself feels pretty clean. As it is a product line created for the sensitive skin, this is how it should be.


I can truly state that VT Cosmetic followed the Cica trend in this case and created a product line so close and near to the Dr Jart Tiger Grass Cicapair line that it’s actually a bit hard to pick a winner if it was the case. I do think that VT Cosmetics is mostly famous for their BTS collaborations, and their regular products aren’t that well known within the beauty industry. I kinda came across them before the BTS Collab on Instagram, and it wasn’t these sheet masks but the Cica Care Cushion that I’m currently trying to figure out. I’ll defo be hoarding these when I’m in Seoul!


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