Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Oil Balm

During last winter my skin broke out badly. I ended up with red, psoriasis kind of rashes all around my face and while don’t knowing how I could fix it I ended up searching for some wonder remedy. 

At this point, I hadn’t tried out any products from Dr Jart+. To me, Dr Jart+ always seemed like an expensive skincare brand that I would never use due to its high prices here. When I came across a multiuse oil-based moisturizing balm for both face and body, free of parabens and sulfates I had to try it out. Now, just to make one thing clear – the images for this post was taken towards the end of the product’s “lifetime” with me. The pictures aren’t delicate, and as you can see from the highlighted image, they have done some redesign regarding their packaging. 


The Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Oil Balm turns from a thick, slippery balm to a lightweight oil on contact with heat. Honestly, it moisturises the hell out of your skin in the process. Made out of nine different plant oils you’ll probably think that this product will be super greasy. Think again, it feels pretty smooth and velvety, and not so very oily compared to other face oils I’ve used.

Now, this multitasker’s unique formula. Wow, I can’t say anything negative about it. Preaching from the dehydrated and dry skin corner, this balm melts into an easily absorbed oil on contact. It then melts into the skin for instant moisture while creating a ceramide barrier to protect and seal in hydration. Does this get any better? I’ve previously ranted a lot about what ceramides actually does for our skin, and honestly – its a lot. If you do wanna read more about it, check out the first part of my ABC post right here.


This balm is perfect for extra-dry patches or chapped, chafed areas and can be used on cuticles, elbows, nails, and hair to keep them looking and feeling nourished and revitalized. Containing brazil-nut, sweet-almond, patchouli, and bergamot oil this Oil Balm does so much more than just hydrate. Although it works toward controlling sebum production with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients, ceramides are known to be one of the top three moisturizing ingredients of all time. Trust me, you can use it everywhere.  When making contact with skin it instantly breaks down and the texture changes from a balm to an oil. 

As usual, I can’t find something negative about the product itself. However, I do have some negative feeling about the packaging. When I purchased my jar of this balm, I noticed that they had repackaged this series from glass to plastic. I do think that the plastic packaging is a lot more convenient compared to the glass jar I currently have. The glass tends to get greasy, and as you guys can see on the ugly and not so aesthetically pleasing pictures, the ‘sticker’ slides off. This is mostly because glue and oils don’t go hand in hand, so they actually did a good thing refreshing up their packaging when it comes to the Ceramides line. 


I’ll definitely re-purchase this when I’m in Korea! Its a must try for dry skin! 


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