A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream

Most of our subscribers and regular readers are probably well aware of the fact that I have super dehydrated and dry skin. Sometimes I feel like this is all I rant about, and in this exhausting mission of solving this issue I ended up trying out the A’Pieu Madecassoside cream.

An all-in-one moisturizer with hydrating properties. Formulated with 40% Centella Asiatica leaf water (or tiger grass/cica) and 0.1% Madecassoside, it aims to soothe irritated skin and help repair the damage caused by different factors. Although the levels of Madecassoside are low, it is super potent. The moisturizing cream also contains Niacinamide that brightens the skin, a well-known ingredient in Korean skincare and beauty. There are a few other major providers added as well, Hazel Extract and Panthenol working towards hydration, Adenosine and Lactic Acid to smooth and plump skin. To summarize this, it might be the perfect nourishing treatment for my damaged and tired skin.

I don’t know what to say regarding my past experience with A’Pieu. I haven’t ranted about it here yet, but a while ago I tried a cushion from the same brand. At the start, amazing. After a while – breakouts breakouts breakouts! The consequences were so crucial that I had to swap out and test my whole routine again. When ordering my second product from them I didn’t have the highest hopes and the decision was made due to its price, so cheap I had to try it out. From what I’ve read online, A’Pieu mostly makes dupes of other high-end products so I kinda felt like this is their attempt to make cica line close to what Dr Jart+ is famous for. And hold on a game changer – it’s Missha’s little sister.


Coming back to the product itself I’ve read that a lot of its user’s do feel like it has a medical scent, and I totally disagree. This product is totally scentless, something that makes it great for those who are a bit more sensitive than others. There’s a lot of complaints regarding the packaging, but A’Pieu has actually changed the materials used for packing this moisturizer. Previously it came in a more metal-y kinda packaging, similar to ointments bought at the pharmacy. They have also started to seal the product, so if you previously have read reviews complaining about the fact that the product is unsealed and comes with a lot of spillage around the cap, if you’re lucky and get the newer options, this won’t be the case!

It has a light to medium, emollient like consistency that is a bit runny. The moisturizer is easy to spread without having to put in some extra effort and this is due to the consistency of the product – something I love.  When its applied onto the skin, the hydrating and moisturizing effects are considerably there. It doesn’t take that much time to soak in, but in those cases when overapplied, it can be a bit sticky. The great thing is that it does go white or peel off if too much product is applied to the skin. If there is something I am going to complain about it might be the fact that the product is a bit runny with a water-like consistency. It’s not as thick as a lot of other moisturizing products, something that is good. But when the container is full and the product is new, a little push might end up with a lot of product. Also, if stored standing up, it just flows out like a river when you open up the cap. So, I do recommend that you keep it stored laying flat and just tilt the container a bit when its new.


Makeup wise, I’ve realized that I can’t use my emulsion when using this product on a day-time basis before applying makeup. The main reason is that the product offers so much hydration and moisture to the skin that over applying it with other product might make your makeup crease a lot quicker and easily slip off. It did take me a while to figure out how to actually use this product, and as I’m reaching for the ends of my container I’m ready for a new product. This isn’t because I didn’t like it, I really did. But its mostly because I need my moisturizer to work well with other products I use on a daily basis.

As you can see in the pictures below, when the product comes out of the container it does look a bit white, but this isn’t a concern due to the fact that it doesn’t leave a white cast/residue on the skin. When massaged or tapped onto its skin, I do admit that it is a bit shiny, but this goes away quickly. In those cases when you get a little too much product, just rub it onto other dry areas. This moisturizer has saved my dry winter legs!

To sum it up, this is a great product if you are looking for something super affordable with excellent moisturizing effects. I think its a good thing that it took me almost six months to use up, and the reason for this is the fact that I was able to dry it during summer/autumn and the cold winter here. Due to the hydrating effects, you don’t to over apply it, something that actually makes it last longer. It didn’t make me break out, and I do feel like it has stabilized the redness that occurs from time to time. BTW, the reason why it lasted for so long is also the fact that I ordered the big size product since it was so cheap!






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