Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer

Finding the perfect primer isn’t easy.  Especially when it’s a must for it to work well with both cushion products and regular, more western-ish foundations. As a girl who started using makeup a long time ago I’ve been through my fair share of primers, and honestly, a lot of them have ended up right in the trash where they belong. At one time, I probably had a favourite primer, but things ended quickly as I never saw the actual need for a product as the primer.

I guess it was a while before I got into Korean Beauty and Skincare, but I noticed this product on Jeffree Star’s channel. And as I am all into testing new stuff on my skin, I wanted to try it out. As he loved it, I got more and more interested in trying it out. But, it wasn’t until my skin broke out badly and acne + oily skin occurred in my life that I decided to order it. Now, I would say that this is more like an “indie” brand when it comes to the Korean market. When I first found it on Jeffree’s channel, I didn’t even know that Touch In Sol is a cruelty-free, vegan & hypo-allergic Korean brand! They don’t have shitloads of products, but they do have some. A lot that I actually would like to try, like their foundation!

For me, most primers out there is usually a waste of money and honestly, most times bought because of the sale’s rep incredible selling skills. (Yes, I’ve been promised gold and green forests multiple times in my life when it comes to primers). What I usually have encountered is that primers don’t do that much for me. Yes, sometimes they might help when it comes to the durability of the product, but except that primers tend to make other products shift off my face. Let’s not forget, they might also enlargen my pores and dry areas and also make me break out. I think we all can agree to the fact that primers haven’t been my prince charming here in life, or am I wrong? No.


Claiming to be a primer well suited for skin types such as normal, dry, combination, dry, and sensitive (yes, all skin types-ish), this is a silky primer that blurs the look of pores and wrinkles, while enhancing the wear of makeup. It’s also supposed to solve issues such as uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles, while providing seamless coverage plus(!) create an invisible layer that acts as a barrier to outside elements. And yeah, let’s not forget that it is supposed to leave the skin velvety, smooth, and fresh – thoroughly prepped for a flawless makeup application. No Poreblem also carries Green Tea extract and collagen which are excellent benefits when focusing on the overall effect, and its free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.


The product comes in a transparent, frosted glass with a black pump and protective cap. Yes, glass bottles tend to make the product look and feel more exclusive, but they also end up making the product less ideal for travelling. In this case, I am willing to overlook this fact. Thus I am using so many other products that come with glass packaging. The overall thing here is, first of all, this packaging is more environmentally friendly and second, it comes back to how you pack your suitcase/bag when you are out travelling, and I can honestly claim that I am a professional when it comes to this. Now, back to the primer itself, it can be seen entirely through the frosted glass, and it has a pretty soft, pink hue. The retail price does vary comparing the Korean and American prices. (Yes, this is sold at Sephora btw).  However, this is not the most expensive primer out there, so I do feel like you do get the right amount of product for the price. Workable even if you are on a budget.


So, how do you use it? Just like every single primer out there. Pump a tiny amount and apply a thin layer across the entire surface of the face. Then press/tap it onto the skin for best absorption. I do feel like this step is super important. It comes out with a gel-like consistency, but it’s also a bit moussy (is that a word?). I can’t complain about its smell, it is quite subtle yet pleasant. But it does smell like something powdery that have been infused some kinda light floral scent. Sometimes I do react on smelly things, but I did give this a go since its hypo-allergic. The scent isn’t overpowering or sickening at all, but it does linger on the skin for a little while, but it’s not bad. Just patch test it for safety if you arent sure.

A little primer does go a long way, sometimes the amount dispensed with one pump generally works, but sometimes I do apply two pumps. I do think that this is quite an individual when it comes to the amount applied, but then – you shouldn’t overdo it either. When applied you can feel the silicone, but it doesn’t have that greasy or oily feel that a lot of silicone primers have. It does feel like a gel moisturizer with a powdery effect, and it drys down pretty quickly to something I wouldn’t call a bad finish. The last silicone primer I had was from Lancome, and comparing these to, this is so much better honestly. Sometimes I would feel like la Base (from Lancome) would slip off my face during a day, unlike this that actually makes sure the makeup stays on.

My actual plan was to do some swatches with the product and show you guys how it actually works. On my face! But, at the moment while finishing off this post after fivehunderedandeightynine years I’m so exhausted. Starting to do a full face of makeup is just a good old hassle. Due to this, I’m gonna skip this part now, but I’ll be doing a few cushion posts soon and when the time comes, I’ll definitely show you guys the products with and without the primer! 

To sum this up, I can’t say anything negative about this primer right now. For me, it has worked well with different products and in different situations. However, I do wish that they upgrade the formula and add some SPF in it.  It makes my makeup last so much longer, no joke. I did the worst crime in my life ever, sleeping with makeup on right after new years eve, and the next day my face was, fresh as f**k! Every single product I put on my face that night, stayed in place! I don’t remember how the packaging looked like since I threw it a while when it came in the mail (bad beauty blogger, I know). But there’s nothing negative to say about it! 

My (and Jeffree’s) best tip for primers are; if you want to know what it looks like, use it with a product you already like and use a lot.


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