Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Lavender

Claiming to be an intensive moisture sleeping mask that makes the skin look clear, bright and revitalized in the morning – you guys know I had to try this out. Enriched with Laneige’s Sleep-Tox complex, this is supposed to be a good night’s sleep.

Most of us have heard of the regular water sleeping mask (that I haven’t tried), so this product shouldn’t be new to anyone right now. This is a highly raved about skin care product that recently made its way into the SNS(or just social media) of American influencers.

A year ago(yes, this is yet another late review) Laneige launched the Water Sleeping Mask Lavender edition. A limited release lavender scented version of their best selling Water Sleeping Mask. I purchased this at a time where I couldn’t get any sleep, not only thanks to Netflix but also because my mind was blowing up. As I was suffering from hormonal acne my skin would tend to have insanely dry patches. I needed a quick fix that would in somewhat way calm down my mind as well. So I got into lavender, everything lavender. Most important, the product could not make me break out more.

The Sleeping Mask is made out of multiple patented Laneige ingredients (or Technologies as they call them), so let’s look at these:
Moisture-Wrap™ Technology – Keeps skin moisturized while sleep moreover boosts the penetration of active substances into the skin. To break it down, the texture is based on ion mineral water and Sleep-tox™ substances that make sure that the skin keeps breathing even though it does create a protecting moisturizing film. This film just helps the skin absorb the active substances densely during sleep!

Sleep-Tox™ Technology – This works hard while you are dreaming, making sure you wake up with purified and revitalized skin. Containing ingredients such as Evening Primrose Root Extract and Hunza Apricot Extract it soothes tired skin while purifying it during sleep with optimized technology.

Sleepscent ™ – A refreshing, soft floral fragrance developed exclusively by Laneige. Produced by blending plant-delivered fragranced, it provides a pleasant refreshing effect to the tired skin before you fall asleep. Its said that the soothing qualities of Lavender could enhance the quality of our sleep and strengthen the dermis ability to regenerate.

What can I say? The results where amazing. Let’s start with the smell! It’s super subtle but yet there and it does put me in a really cam, pre-sleep state. When it comes to the texture of the Sleeping Mask, the first impression is thick and creamy , but it is a hydrating gel. It does feel a bit sticky when applying, but that quickly goes after absorption. Afterward, the skin feels amazingly moisturized and hydrated. Honestly, I can’t put words on it.

My skin feels amazingly moisturized and hydrated. The morning after results was amazing, hydrates skin and my dry patches were less noticeable. It really cooled down my skin, and when my skin was at its worst I would use this as the last step of my skincare routine over my regular moisturizer. But there’s honestly no need for that on a daily basis due to its amazing capabilities. Sometimes I would even use it at daytime as a regular moisturizer if I felt like it.

My biggest tip here is to keep it in the refrigerator if you really are looking for supercooling and refreshing properties. Amazing! I’ve heard that the original option, the regular sleeping pack is a lot better when it comes to moisture, so I do have to try it on. Luckily, Sigrun let me adopt her jar so you’ll probably get an updated review soon! This mask might end up as a staple in my fridge.


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