MAXCLINIC Catrin Natural 100 Sunkill RX SPF46 PA+++ | SPF Powder

SPF is the most important step to any skin care regime. It protects your skin against premature aging, and against developing skin cancer due to sun exposure. Not only should you apply a generous amount of sunscreen in the mornings, but you should also apply SPF regularly during the day. But how to do this easy over makeup?

Enter MAXCLINIC – Catrin Natural 100 Sunkill RX. It is a powder with SPF 46 with a built in puff for easy application! I do not always like to top off my spf-protection with my cushion, I get greasy and feel I pile on too much product. This is why I really prefer this powder. It mattes down my make-up and keeps my skin protected from the elements.


The packaging is made of sturdy plastic and it is easy to toss into your purse and use regularly as you go about your day. It even has a built in mirror on the lid, that you can use when you apply the powder. The powder fly out off the puff pretty heavily, so be careful to not beat your face with it – especially if you’re wearing dark clothes. You will end up looking like a dandruff disaster. Other than that, this is a great product that I always bring with me. I have one in my purse at all times, and one at home for backup – I am that attached to it. SPF is very important to me since I exfoliate weekly with an strong acid peel.


I’ve tested this powder in direct sun exposure (afternoon sun in the middle of summer) when I was wearing make-up. I was careful to re-apply it often. I did not notice any redness or sun burn after that evening out in the sun. It really works! I usually like to apply this right before lunch time (if we’re going outside to get lunch at work), or right before I head home in the afternoon to stay protected on my 40 minute commute. The product lasts a long while as well. I’ve had my first one for almost six months now, and it still has quite a bit of product left. I highly recommend this product for the days you wear make-up and need to top off your SPF protection during the day!

The MAXCLINIC – Catrin Natural 100 Sunkill RX SPF46 PA+++ retails roughly at around 15 USD. Prices may vary depending on the retailer and offers. Not a bad price for a product that lasts if you ask me!


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