Missha Dual Blending Cushion Shadow

I’ve been wanting to do this review for a while now, and I wanted to have all of the colors for this review, however, I’m still missing one. But we’ll take a look at the missing color another time.

If you already didn’t know, Koreans love cushion products, and so do I. This is the first Korean makeup product I ever tried and I ended up with almost all of them. I’m talking about the Missha Dual Blending Cushion Shadows!

Missha recommend these shadows for those who want to achieve a complete eye look with just one product, those who struggle with achieving a gradient shadow look or those who just want a shadow without any fallout! Guess what, I totally agree. These Dual Cushion Shadows lets me do a quick and easy eye look without using extra time making sure that the blending is properly done!

These amazing shadows come in six different shades and I’m currently the owner of five of these products.  I did have some doubts about these shadows when I first ordered my first shadow, but when it came and I tried it out. I fell in love!  Each shadow comes in a super sleek black box with simple design and the product itself is a slim, long pencil with two ends that can be removed before application. The shadow is placed in the cap, and the cushion tip is great for both adjusting the intensity, amount and precision. The greatest thing might be the fact that you don’t need to take the cap off to figure out what color you want to apply first. The cap is slightly see-through so that you can see the colors.


Let us break the product down, it consists of fine powder grains, densely packed into the cap. It’s easy to apply and the colors are pretty flattering! You don’t need a whole palette for a full eye look and the greatest thing is the fact that you can adjust the intensity so its good for both daytime and late nights! However, it does crease a tiny bit but nonetheless less than regular shadows. The color isn’t too strong but shimmery, it has good adherence and it blends naturally. Doesn’t this sound like a dream?  As previously mentioned these are super buildable so in my eyes these shadows are more than one product!

Since I currently “only” own five of six alternatives, well. I’ll focus on those colors now. For the swatches, I didn’t prime my arm, or apply any moisturizer, so these are applied on a bit dry skin. From the left to the right we have Magic Dust (VL01 + BL01), Rose Crown (PK02 + RD01), London Trip (BR02 + BR03), Amande Chocolat (BE01 + BR01), and Crystal Drop (PK01 + BR04).


Magic Dust, VL01 + BL01
I actually didn’t purchase this one, they sent me the wrong color and they just told me to keep it. It’s a combination of black and purple with a pearly finish and I do think that this is the perfect combo for a smokey eye. Since its super easy to control the intensity you could make it super subtle or just go all the way with a cool smoky eye. I’ve only tried this one once, and I liked it! The purple tone is pretty buildable and sparkly, while the dark brown-blackish color is more matte and opaque.

Rose Crown, PK02 + RD01
Pink and rosy tones thus the name, I actually use this on a daily basis. The darker color isn’t this bright, but it ended up super dark because of the lightning. It’s more of a rosy red, not bright red. It’s a bit more matte compared to the pink tone, but this combination is always a winner for me! This option is also super buildable, and the colors are pigmented but opaque as well.

London Trip, BR02 + BR03
When I got this one, I was actually a bit shocked because I kinda felt like the dark color would be more brown, than black. It also has a grayish hue, making this option perfect for a smokey, sultry eye look. The one time I tried it, I felt like the darker color was a bit hard to blend, so I ended up going in with a blending brush for a more smokey look. BUT this is perfect for a shimmery eye with a tiny bit of shadow. The darker color here is more matte like the other dark colors.

Almond Chocolate, PK01 + BR04
Omg, this one though. I love it. I’ve been using it so much I soon have to order a new one. The combination of golden brown tones and shimmers makes this one work with everything. The color impact, I mean – speechless. I love it. 

Crystal Drop, BE01 + BR01
Honestly, I haven’t used this one as much as I should have. The lighter color consists of mostly shimmers, so it’s a bit too subtle for me to use on its own. I’ve layered it with other matte shadows, and it looks bomb!

These colors are all super wearable! They stay on most of the day and don’t need any reapplication compared to other products on the market. When it comes to the removal, I usually remove my eye makeup with my cleansing oil, then a foam cleanser. I don’t use mascara, just shadow, and liner so it is a bit easier to remove compared to using mascara. For this review, I applied some beauty water on the shadows, and then just wiped over it with a dry tissue. As you can see, the pigments aren’t that bad! There’s mostly shimmer and sparkles left, and honestly – this is what makes these shadows so amazing.


If you are looking for easy to use, buildable shadows with endless combinations, you really should try these out! The best might be the super affordable price!!


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