Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream

A couple of months ago I ordered my first Korean eye cream.

But did it really do what it was supposed to?

Eye creams are one of my go-to’s each day. Without an eye cream my under eye area is super sore and my makeup, well.. its nothing to brag about. So, when I first started with K-Beauty I kinda got confused with all these options. What do I buy? What do I need?  I ended up with one of Etude House’s best-sellers. The Etude House Moistful Collagen Eye Cream is enriched with the brand’s super collagen and Baobab seed oil. Nourishing, moisturizing and firming the delicate skin around your eyes while preventing fine lines, could I ask for more?

The product came in an orange cardboard box, that I discarded a while ago. There’s not that much to say about the packaging, except the fact that its plastic – so it won’t break. It does have tiny protective “sheet” on top, but it is not thick plastic as other brands provide. This one was so thin that I discarded it asap. Also, its super light and travel-friendly for those who look for products under that category!


I started applying it every morning and night before my moisturizer. Gently taping the product around my eye area until fully absorbed. Since its the first eye cream I’ve tried, I actually couldn’t compare it to others at the beginning. But, since I’m almost done with my first jar of COSRX Honey Ceramide Eye Cream (read about it here), I finally spill the matcha tea about this product.


Now, to be honest, I purchased this product given rave reviews and the fact that it’s pretty cheap. The product itself is super creamy and it does have a smooth texture. A little did go a long way, but after a while, I started over-using it just to get to the end of the jar! It had a natural scent, fresh, maybe a bit citrusy? Now, to be honest, this might be irritating to some – but shockingly, I did not end up with any irritation.


As you can see above, I really worked my way through this product. These pictures were taken in February, and I started using it in September maybe. Now, to be honest – after the pictures where taken, I did throw it away. During these five months, there was no noticeable difference in hydration or reduction in puffiness. I actually ended up with more noticeable fine lines than I had before starting to use this product. It neither fixed dark circles nor absorbed quickly. My under eye area haven’t looked as bad as this since well… I do not know. The under eye area was sticky until it was fully absorbed and it didn’t look good under makeup either.

*sipping on that matcha frappe while doing a drum roll*

I would not repurchase this product. Most of the times K-Beauty don’t disappoint me that much, well – except those times I get acne from products. But this I really did have high hopes and honestly got backstabbed. Now, this might have just been my chance and you might not end up with the same feels’ about the product. So I do recommend you to try it out if you are interested in it. There are a lot of great reviews out there!



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