Son & Park True Eye Pen Liner

I’m one of those girls that usually can’t apply my liner precise enough. No matter how hard I try it never works out well.

The Son & Park True Eye Pen Liner is a long-lasting liquid liner that does what it says. It’s not only the one and only liner for my eyes, but it doesn’t stain or smudge neither during the day or the night! Now, I am one of those girly-girls that spend quite the time in front of the mirror, and if you ask me – I’d say my makeup skills aren’t that bad. (That doesn’t mean I’ll be posting tutorials and stuff right away, but maybe one day). However, my liner skills, eh. Not that much to brag about. Until now.

Now, I’m not one of those full-face of makeup girls. My routine contains a bb or a cc cushion, some bronzer and mascara. On those days that I have some extra time, I’ll add a bit of rouge and some eyeshadow. But, I’ve always wanted to a liner to my everyday routine and trust me, I’ve tried. During these last years, I’ve bought almost every single liner out on the market, and the ones I’ve ended up managing to use, suddenly get discontinued. So for a while, I gave up. Panda eyes ain’t for me.

To be honest, I don’t remember how I came across this liner or if I even noticed it somewhere before I ended up buying it. But I’ve never regretted it. After spending quite a lot of liners, I always knew what my favorite liner would be like. It has to go on easily and precisely, it cant smudge or disappear during the day. I mean, I want it all, and this liner made my wildest dreams come true.

At first, I ordered the black liner being a bit skeptical since I’ve been disappointed by them my whole life. And when it came, it didn’t take more than a week before I ordered the brown one as well! The product itself comes in a chubby pen that dispenses product when you shake it. It does take a few used until the tip is soaked and ready for use but for me, that’s not a problem at all. The felt tip is also super thin making it perfect for a winged look, or just a simple line to fill in the lash line! I’m not messing with you guys, this liner is amazing! It doesn’t get “lumpy” or less sharp after a while either. Its kinda hard to explain, but I’ve noticed that some liners go from being sharp and thin to just being..ehh… blunt.


The product itself is weightless, while the pigment is super intense! It dries up, smudge free in a few seconds and it lasts! I mean, the durability is insane! It sticks to the skin but is easily removed with my oil cleansers. There are no leftovers or panda eyes after removal as well!

Guys, that’s it! I don’t have anything negative to say about these two liners. I love them.

Do you wanna try out this liner? Or, do you already have a panda free liner that you love? 


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