COSRX Honey Ceramide Eye Cream

Eye cream has always been a must in my routine, even before I started a korean skin care routine. I’ve always suffered from very delicate, sometimes dry skin a round my eyes.

I’ve even suffered from rashes right in the fold under my eyes several times due to allergies and wrong products. So when I can say that an eye cream is good you can trust that I mean it! With the COSRX Honey Ceramide eye cream I really feel and see the difference. It’s even helped with the milia under my eye that I’ve struggled with my whole life. Since I’m in my 30s now I need something that is hydrating and keeps those pesky fine lines at bay. A few fine lines is unavoidable, but you know how it is – I don’t mind a little help from Mr. COSRX!

This cream has quickly become a holy grail product for me. I forgot to order a new jar in time before I ran out last time. When I’m out of a product and really crave it – that’s when I know it’s a keeper.

The consistency of the cream thick, but not heavy. It absorbs into the skin quickly. I tap it in with my fingertips and let it soak in while I brush my teeth before I continue onto the next step in my routine. It behaves perfectly under my concealer and makeup.

It keeps my skin hydrated all day and all night. If I forget to use it in my night routine I can instantly feel the difference when I wake up.

Other qualities: It has helped with the puffy bags under my eyes. It has also helped out my skin tone and as I mentioned earlier: it even helped with my small case (albeit noticeable) of milia. The jar is made of sturdy plastic (no glass that can break!). And it is small enough to bring on small trips without checking in your luggage (I travel a lot for work, and the hassle of doing a 10 step korean skin care routine is an art when you’re flying!!).

If you have dry, sensitive skin under your eyes like me – try this eye cream!



6 thoughts on “COSRX Honey Ceramide Eye Cream

  1. Hi, i bought the same product 3 months ago.. but i thought i got a fake one since the packaging is kinda different with what i saw on cosrx’s website.. you can see it from the product description that’s written on the jar and its box.. the seller said it’s the new packaging but i kinda doubted it since there’s a typo in “providing skin hyration”.. please, in your opinion, are our products original?

    ive been struggling with milia for many years, and got those ugly panda eyes.. so i hope this product will help me..


    1. Hi Ika! Sorry for not responding quickly. Can I ask you where you bought it? Both of us use this eye creme and we order it from eBay. We have a list of safe sellers posted on our blog if I’m not mistaken, if not – it will be up in running in a few days.

      Could you share pictures from your product and then we can compare it to ours? Misspellings are quite normal to be honest with you, many brands use Google translate for korean to English translation and don’t check for typos.

      Hope this helped you. If anything else, let us know and we’ll try to help you!

      Xx Rana


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