11 days of sheet mask – part 2

If you thought that using a sheet mask every single day would be fun, think again. I started this challenge to take some sheet mask time each night before I went to bed. However, I quickly figured out that I have to start using some of these during the daytime.

I’m the kinda person who does almost everything when it comes to my skincare routine pretty late. Every single night, I end up getting mad at myself for staying up long pampering myself. During this challenge I learned one thing, I don’t have to do my night time routine in the middle of the night. I can actually do it late in the afternoon or just apply sheet masks during my morning routine!

As mentioned in my introduction post regarding this challenge (that you can read here) I’m putting 11 different sheet masks from a Tony Moly bundle into the ring of fire while pampering myself! However, this time. I didn’t get the rice sheet mask that I previously mentioned in this bundle. Instead, I got two of the broccoli option. I mean, at first – I was pretty disappointed with this. But after using it the first time, I quickly realized that I do need two lovely appointments with this mask to actually take a decision. The “tiny” reviews are listed in the order I tried them out, followed by me kinda mentioning the results and then, the verdict – cop or drop?

The instructions on the packaging say 20-30 minutes, and I’ll try to leave them on for 30 mins but there might be some differences. However, I’ll inform you about this in case something happens.

Day one – Aloe
Since this mask mainly focuses on hydration, I decided to put this in the ring of fire first. I’ve used this before and to be honest, I love it. The watery essence smells good and the mask does a pretty good job when it comes down to cooling down my skin and hydrating it. There’s not that much essence left in the bag after applying it, however, it’s dripping from the mask! After 30 mins the mask is still moist and it did a pretty good job. Something I really love! When I remove the mask, there’s still essence left on my skin, that I gently tap in for best results. It really does leave me with hydrated and glowy skin. Reflecting on the results, I would love this same essence for an eye pack! Oh, btw – the next day my skin was super soft and hydrated! (Click here to read a previous post about this mask!)

Cop or drop? I would say cop! It does what its supposed to do and there’s no reaction at all!

Day two – Red Wine
When offering the change to tighten skin and minimize enlarged pores, I’m down. However, the smell… I cant handle it. It genuinely smells like alcohol and even thou I thought that it would disappear after a few mins, I took a deep breath and wow. It still smells. Actually, the scent never went away. This mask is a bit “tingly” on the skin, and I do feel some discomfort. It does apply pretty well to my forehead, however, it’s very loose on the chin, something that makes it dry out faster. All of these masks are supposed to have the same fit, however, it does not fit as well as the aloe mask. I couldn’t handle wearing this for longer than 20 mins, and I kinda ended up looking like a tomato. However, the pores on my nose where less visible the next day. (Click here to read a fuller review)

Cop or drop? Drop! The reactions makes me wanna never put this mask on even though it did reduce my pores.

Day three and four – Broccoli
Give me the opportunity to have glowy and moisturized skin, guess what. I’m still down. This has a pretty neutral scent and does come with a bit more essence than the other mask. However, it’s not as cool as the others, but that’s kinda ok. It kinda calms down my skin. BUT, the main reason for why I wanna try this out twice is because I kinda had a reaction 10 minutes into using this. It made my skin itch, and as I took it off after my face was pretty red. HOWEVER the second time… I didn’t have any reactions that were noticeable while using the mask. But it was super uncomfortable on my skin, and I can’t seem to place it right. This is super annoying compared to other masks I have used and currently are using! To be honest- I wanted to rip it off after 10 mins. However, I suffered 20 mins and then it came off. The amount of essence left was super uneven and then again, my skin was left red. Tapping in the remaining essence made my skin soft, but it doesn’t do anything else for my skin.

Cop or drop? Drop! Red skin? No thanks!

Day five – Avocado
Avocado is a great nutritious veggie to eat, and it’s great for our skin as well. Providing nutrition this mask is supposed to hydrate and soften the dullest skin. I can’t wait to see the result! Unlike the other masks I’ve tried during this week from Tony Moly this has a milky type of essence while the others have a watery type of essence. It has a super pleasant smell and it does quickly cool down the face. There’s no remarkable reaction, no discomfort whatsoever. However, I am starting to feel like the issue with these masks actually is the sheets. They don’t stick well and kinda itch a bit because of the quality. I’ve started to notice the difference between the sheet and product discomfort when it comes to these masks and to be honest my issue with this one particularly is the sheet. This one did not dry up as fast as the others but it didn’t apply well either. After 30 mins sharp, this mask came off and woah, it actually left an even amount of essence in the skin! And it’s a lot! It took some time to tap it in, but my skin was so glowy and hydrated! This mask would be the holy grail for my skin if it had the same kind of sheet as my Etude House 0.2 masks! (read a fuller review here).

Cop or drop? Cop! Yes to hydrated and glowy skin!

Day six – Tea tree
This soothing tea tree mask was literally perfect for my skin after New Year’s Eve. With purifying and soothing ingredients my skin craved some sheet masking and I decided to try it out. With its cooling effects, my skin is currently loving it. Insanely – the mask went on pretty well and there is no discomfort whatsoever this time. I’m pretty speechless! After 30 mins the mask came off and my skin was noticeably more hydrated.

Cop or drop? Cop! No reaction and super hydrated skin.

Day seven – Tomato
As my acne has been poppin’ out lately, I’ve decided to leave the options that are pretty much needed for my skin for the end of this long challenge.  On the 7th day, I ended up using the Tomato sheet mask that is supposed to provide radiance and a smooth canvas. My first impression with this mask is its strong scent, and to be honest – it reminds me of alcohol. The scent doesn’t go away and it’s there the whole time, something that kinda is a bummer since I didn’t have any kinds of reactions while using this mask! After 30 mins I had glowy skin and there was left a lot of essence on my skin.

Cop or drop? I’d rather drink alcohol than put it on my skin. This doesnt make up for the reactions I didnt have.

Day eight – Pomegranate
Getting closer to the masks I really need currently with only 3 days left of using these masks. These pomegranate masks are supposed to firm up the skin. Now, let us make one thing clear, one single mask won’t give you firm skin! If you really want to see results with these masks you gotta use them for a while. However, this mask has a super fruity smell and it does come with a nice cooling effect. Slappin’ it on wasn’t that hard, but it didn’t lay that nice on the skin. My skin did get a bit more plump and glowy but I didn’t have a reaction so that’s good.

Cop or drop? Cop, not bad not good. It’s okay.

Day nine – Lemon
The last time I tried this mask out I kinda figured out that lemon sheet masks were something that I would add to my sheet mask routine! Why? Because they do a lot for my skin! Not do they only hydrate, but they also even out my skin tone and fade my acne scars. This mask really does what it says, it makes dull and dark skin look radiant. So it basically brightens up the skin! (If you feel skeptical about brightening products, read this!) The mask smells super fresh and citrusy while cooling down the skin After 27 mins the mask kinda fell off since it almost dried out. However, I had a lot of essences left, and guess what! No reaction! It did what it was supposed to do, and to be honest – this is my favorite in this mask collection.

Cop or drop? Cop! I’m a sucker for brightening masks, what else is there to say…

Day ten – Seaweed
This mask aims to have a brightening effect while providing radiance and purifying the skin. If I’m gonna point out one great thing about this mask, it does not smell like the sea. It has a natural scent, almost like there’s no scent at all. It cools down the skin, however, it does tickle/sting a bit. I don’t know if this is because of the mask or a reaction, but wow –  the cooling effect is super nice! After 20 mins the mask feels a bit dry, and I kinda don’t like it because I feel like it might dry out my skin? I don’t know. I did leave it on for 30 mins, however, and the next day it did dry out some of my acne so amen to that.

Cop or drop? Yes to less acne!

Day eleven – Makgeolli
The last day is finally here. It feels like I’ve been through a rollercoaster of emotions during the last 11 days with these sheet masks. I kinda saved the best for the last day, and thank god for that. This mask has a milky type of essence, unlike most of the others I’ve tried this time. Except for this one, the only other one was the Avocado mask. The mask itself is super cooling and easy to place on the face, for once. Its soaked in essence and there’s no scent at all. It doesn’t dry out while using compared to some of the others as well as there’s no reaction at all. When I take off the mask after 30 mins my skin is glowy and hydrated and the next day, the acne has dried out a bit more.

Cop or drop? Cop! If this mask comes in a Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air sheet mask quality I would loooove it!

To be honest, yes I ended up with super hydrated skin, but was it worth it? I would say no. As my acne had cleared up a few days before I started with these masks, I really hate that they made my skin go a bit crazy thus the reactions. However, I do think that this is because of my sensitive skin and this might not happen to you (unless you have super sensitive skin like me).

The different reactions might have been because of the quality of the sheet, or the product. But then again, I did not react to every single mask I tried out. Note to my self, start reading the ingredients list maybe. Some of these masks are good, some great and others I wouldn’t even make my worst enemy try out, e.g those with a strong scent of alcohol. I feel like I’ve been disappointed by Tony Moly. I loved these masks a few months ago, but at that time I hadn’t tried out any other masks from other brands. I really wanna try out other kinds of masks from TM just to see if this is something that happened with all of their masks or just this collection of masks.

BUT to be honest, even though some of them are good I don’t think that the masks are that good. The reason for this is seriously the quality of the sheet. The sheets suck!!! Tony gotta do something about this, cause I’ll never buy these masks again.

If you want to try out a bunch of cheap and totally okay masks, then try these out, or if you are a bit scared – try the ones that got cop instead of drop.





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