Missha Herb In Nude Sheet Mask We Bare Bears Edition Hydrating Care

I ordered the Herb In Nude sheet masks from Missha a while ago, and I’ve been dying to try them out for a while now. However, I didn’t take pictures of the products so I’ve been holding out, but tonight I decided to break the bond and try it out!

I came across this collab randomly and I just couldn’t control myself. I mean, the packaging! Polar bears and pandas are the kutest animals, and as we all know, I’m a sucker for kute packaging. The show has partnered with Missha and brought out a limited release of 3 sheet masks, face mists and 3 hand lotions. Now, hand lotions are something I have plenty off, and I suck at using them. But the masks were too adorable to pass up. When it comes to the mists, I didn’t actually come across these but I found out about them doing some research!


I guess that this is the same thing as the herb in nude masks, thus the name. So let’s go through what these masks can do for you! This mask is supposed to be “teatime” for your face with green tea, the strong brew helps vitalize and hydrate. Missha claims that they have a highly adhesive mask that creates a tight seal on the skin with a silky, soft texture that applies easy and enhances delivery of moisture and nutrients to the skin. The sheet is also thin and transparently made by naturally-delivered cellulose that makes sure your skin also breathes while slapping the mask on and having some teatime.  The hydrating care series is recommended for those who want extreme hydration, those who want to provide the benefits of tea to their face with a “daily teatime” mask ritual and for those who want a sheet mask that feels comfortable during application!

I didn’t order all three different masks, but I got the polar bear mask which is “Hydrating Care”, there is also Grizzly (Moisturizing Care) and Panda (Firming Care). Writing this I’m kinda regretting not getting the Panda ones, but next time maybe.  This mask claims to be a “Highly adhesive sheet mask with a strong brew of green tea ingredients to help prevent skin dryness, making skin moisturized.” The mask really reminds me of the Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask, thus the super thin sheet and the extreme amount of essence! These masks are dripping in essence, the amount is insane – it’s so slippery it’s hard to apply! This might be the first time ever I’m complaining about the amount of essence, but wow! Missha doesn’t hold back!

The fit is amazing when I first manage to slap it onto my face, I actually like the fit better than the fit on the Etude House masks. The cut-out for the mouth area is smaller here, so it fits better, and the same regarding the eye area. It fits better. It has a light scent of green tea that goes away super fast, and to be honest – I like the smell. My first impression after applying it is really soothing, I also got a cooling sensation as I wore it. I’ve been chilling with this mask for more than 20 mins now, the recommended time is 15 – 20 mins.  I guess its been on for something like 30 mins now, and the mask is still soaking! As I pull off the mask it feels like a cold breeze hits my skin, but my skin is a bit tacky! My skin does feel much more hydrated, but there’s a pimple popping up in the middle of my forehead. I kinda don’t think that it’s because of this mask since I noticed it earlier today. But it does feel a bit sorer now than what it felt like earlier. Let’s not jump to conclusions here! It provided a lot of moisture and it did give my skin an amazing glow!

The next day I actually had this one giant zit in the middle of my forehead, but it wasn’t just that. My skin actually went nuts around the jaw area and guess what, my breakouts are back! For the last week or so my skin had turned into something better but now, its all back. I kinda don’t know if this is because of the product, or if my skin just decided to break out? I did slap on some of my 3CE White Milk Sleeping Mask (read my review here), but that’s just a part of my regular night time regimen when those pimples pop out! I gave the essence a good time before I applied this and it was fully soaked in! It actually made my skin softer, but the breakouts aren’t worth it.


Amount of essence: +
Thickness: +
Sizing: +
Reaction while testing: none
End result: So, it did hydrate my skin, and it made it glowy. However, the breakout part makes this a mask I don’t wanna buy again.

Total rating: 3/5.


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