3CE White Milk Sleeping Mask

“Have you ever experienced such a magic Whitening White Milk?” Well, let’s take a dive into 3CE, and check out if this mask really moisturizes, and whiten while I sleep!


3CE or 3 Concept Eyes is the sister brand to the clothing label Style Nanda, adored by South Korean fashionistas – 3CE is awesome. I’ve literally been drooling all over their products, and Style Nanda’s fashion for a while now so I decided to get my hands on this sleeping mask! Last year they came with their “breakthrough” product for the Korean market. Their first skincare range that focuses on skin whitening, and acne/blemish treating.


The White Milk Sleeping Mask is (obviously) a whitening sleeping mask that moisturizes skin, and targets skin blemishes, offering milky white skin while you sleep. It’s also supposed to be an anti-wrinkle product, that contains 50% milk protein extract. On their website, they state the fact that this is a special skincare product that gives your skin the extra care it deserves, while it brightens up a dull complexion, and erases hidden blemishes, and promotes milky white skin. The cream is supposed to be non-sticky and spread smoothly over the skin. It’s a super simple snow white facial mask, that provides special skincare for every day. 
With super cute packaging and a look that is total to kill for, I was kinda impressed even before I got my hands on the product. This sleeping mask is KFDA approved (that makes it approved from the Korea Food and Drug Administration), and they have also stated that this cream’s functioning is whitening and anti-wrinkle when properly used. However, something that provides overnight special skincare + clearer, brighter complexion + fully moisturized skin does sometimes sound too good to be true, or am I wrong? In my life, 8 hours of sleep only happens in my dreams, and with multiple skincare steps each night something that targets a lot of my issues with my skin would be loved!
The sleeping mas has an ultra special whitening complex, infused with skin-benefiting natural ingredients as milk protein that lifts away dead skin build-up, and increases the skin moisture level. Tea tree, that is also known as a breakout killer! It provides an excellent antibacterial effect. Enriched with honey, and oatmeal, its supposed to strengthen the skin barrier, replenish it with moisture, preventing moisture loss and providing radiance it also contains avocado, my dear friend avocado. I mean, we all know the fact that this is a rich nutrient supplier!
On their webpage, they recommend two ways to use this sleeping mask. The first tip is when you want to use it as the ultimate healing mask pack. After toning your skin (don’t forget the double cleanse), squeeze a quarter-sized amount. Then apply a thick layer, and let the product absorb for 15 minutes before going to sleep.  If you want to use it as a moisture bursting hydrating cream, you’ll squeeze a dime-sized amount, and use it as the last step of your skincare, after toning, essence, serums etc…
My opinion;
The mask is neither non-sticky nor greasy! It doesn’t stain my pillows or bedsheets, which I love. After a while, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all on my face, yet another great thing about this mask. It glides nicely onto the skin and spreads smoothly. The product actually does what it claims, it targets my blemishes, and it does a good job clearing my skin. However, I didn’t notice that much of a whitening effect after the first use, but it keeps on impressing me more, and more each time I use it. But let’s get back to the blemish part, this mask really dries out acne, and when I wake up my skin looks amazing and feels super soft! The mask itself smells amazing, like something similar to PSL or Chai Latte. I love it.
Also, I’ve tried out both of the ways they recommend, straight after toner, and as my last skincare step, and it does more for your skin if you apply it right after the toner, but I kinda like to apply my essence, serum, and eye cream before I apply this all over my face, including my under eye are,  and to be honest, my under eye area has gotten much better since I started using this.
I’ve tried multiple brightening sleeping masks, however, this is the first that does make my face sticky-icky! If I’m going to compare it to both Tony Moly’s whitening pack, and it’s skin power 10 formula good night wh this is amazing! Those two don’t target acne and blemished as much as this does, they do dry out a few… but not as much as this! To make one thing clear, this is one of my all time fav’s when it comes to sleeping packs/masks since it actually does what it says. && I’ll order some more of the products from this series just to see if all of their products are amazing.

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