Etude House Berry AHA! Bright Peel Mild Gel

Let’s talk about peeling gels – these things don’t exist over here. So as always, I went online and got myself some peeling gel #TreatYoSelf.

The Berry AHA Bright Peel Mild Gel is supposed to be a gentle exfoliator that can be used on sensitive skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal cleaner, smoother skin. However, Korean peeling gels don’t work the same way like the peels we got over here. You rub these gels on your skin and little white clumps form under your fingers, and when you wash it off- you’re left with smooth, glowing skin. But how does it work? And is all that stuff coming off your actual skin?

For me, the word “peel” makes it sound like peeling gels make your skin suddenly shed, I’ve been watching some videos before I used mine and I was shookethLike my biggest fear was that my face would be left without any skin. But then again, that would be rather unlikely since these gels contain ingredients that interact with any oil sitting on your skin, and clump up with some friction. They either contain cellulose or carbomer, however, most of the Korean peeling gels contain cellulose, and that’s just the most common organic compound on earth (produced by plants, algae, and some bacteria). So its basically nothing that can harm your skin, and you won’t end up with a chemical burn and raw peeling skin if you leave a peeling gel on for too long! They work the same way as physical or manual exfoliants, but this one from Etude House is more like a physical exfoliant since it contains AHA.


So now you might be wondering about what they do for your skin?
The soft clumps produced by friction act like the grains in a regular scrub, but they’re much softer and less scratchy (and also much easier to wash off). This means that they basically are gentler on your skin, as well as more effective than your standard scrub since they effectively buff off any dead skin cells that are ready to come off.

The Berry AHA Bright Peel Mild Gel
This peeling gel uses natural citrus extract and plant-delivered cellulose and has a very light consistency. It does not only peel but it also helps to brighten and even your skin tone with use over time. After cleansing, dry your skin and massage an adequate amount onto your face in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. It doesn’t have a stiff scent and its actually a really pleasant berry-ish scent.


I’ve used this around 4 or 5 times so far, and it actually removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin super soft. Sigrun patch tested this the other day when she was here, and her skin actually brightened up on the spot she tried this and like, this have been giving my skin a brighter and smoother finish!  It does not burn or sting, even though I have really sensitive skin, and I read online that a lot of people have had reactions while trying this out, but it didn’t happen to me! After the first time I tried it, I kinda figured out that you should wear a clean plastic glove when applying it since it actually exfoliated the skin on my finger while I was massaging it onto my skin. But I’m super satisfied and I won’t stop using this, however, I will try out other peeling gel’s just to see how those other work!

Final Thoughts
If you try it out, and you don’t love it – well,  you can’t sit with us. This gel really removes impurities, dead skin cells, and oils while making your skin super soft and ready for your next step in the skincare regimen!



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