How this one Korean trick, changed my hair!

As you may know by now, I’m a huge fan of Korean beauty and what it has to offer – I even listen to K-pop most of the time (yes I’m addicted). For most of us, Koreans are known for their skincare, but they also have a hair care regimen!

Previously I’ve ranted about how pH levels affect our skin, but this also concerns our hair and scalp. The recommended pH level lays around 4.5 – 5.5 and if you have a dry scalp, that itches, your pH level – well, its fucked up. By bringing down your hair’s acidity levels, your cuticles can seal properly instead of unevenly, resulting in split ends. Your itchy scalp will also thank you! Even if you don’t have dandruff, a routine vinegar rinse can help bring down the alkalinity of your hair and scalp that may have been caused by styling products.

So I decided to try this out last week, and to be honest – I’m not stopping with it.  A single vinegar rinse will give noticeable results right out of the shower, and I actually did one (again) before writing this and my hair feels and looks amazing! This is my second time trying this little Korean trick, and I’m loving it! However, I only wash my hair once or maybe twice a week, it kinda depends on my mood since it takes forever to dry, but I have also noticed that my hair dries faster?! For my hair care products, I’ve lately been digging the Silk Bloom series from  Shu Uemura. This does actually help my hair a lot, but the vinegar does something else that this doesn’t do!

So, how do I do this? 

I mix 3 dl of apple cider vinegar (the one from Heinz, but it doubt that the brand matters) with the same amount of water in a spray bottle and shake it. I actually made a giant spray bottle that I just keep in the shower (it’s pink so its okay) so I don’t have to mix it together everytime I shower.  After shampooing my hair, I spray it onto my hair (focusing on the lengths, but I also apply it to my scalp) and let it sit for something around five minutes before I rinse it out with cold water and continue with my hair mask or conditioner. You could apply it as the final step, it’s actually supposed to work better then but I just don’t want my hair to smell like vinegar. And trust me, it helps. No worries. My hair got extremely soft and dried super fast. No tangles or anything and my split ends was less noticeable. I’ve both bleached and dyed my hair during this last month( don’t ask I, well – I found a picture of this Koran girl with this amazing hair color and I wanted it). But it failed! The level of shine is insane, and I’m speechless.

This trick is an old Korean hair care remedy that can be credited for extra aging and healthy locks. Both our manes and scalps are weakly acidic, so when treated with lower-pH products like vinegar, our hair becomes as healthy and strong as it gets.   And oh, my mom actually told me about this some time ago but I was like “lol u are so strange, I don’t wanna do it”. But when I read about it and just saw the word Korean, I was sold. There are some products out there that are mixed and have some other good stuff in it for your hair, and I’m def gonna try them out but for now, I’m super happy with the DIY version.

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