COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

No, this is not something dirty (hence the name). These balls are supposed to exfoliate the delicate skin around the nose and mouth area while removing blackheads.

A while ago we ordered these balls (no pun intended), we were really excited to see if they work and like, are they legit? Now, after a few months, I decided to give them a try (again) since they didn’t impress us much last time. These cocoons are made up of 100% natural silk protein, also known as sericin which is what silkworms create when they make silk.

Apparently, they’re supposed to be great for removing blackheads, excess sebum, and help the skin retain more moisture.  The silk collects all excess grease and clogging dirt, particularly around the crease of the nose and the chin. There’s supposed to be an immediate improvement in skins clarity and texture, and oh – a distinct lack of blackheads. So, I decided to give them a second chance, mostly since I didn’t make up my mind after the last time.


They are pretty straightforward to use, and unlike most Korean skincare products – the information on the back is understandable and helpful.  You are supposed to soak them in warm water for 2-3 minutes so that the fibers can soften up and then you just pop it on your finger furthermore start massaging the area you want to treat in circular motions around the area you wanna treat. Oh, and FYI – do this to clean, dry skin! Each ball can be used for 2-3 times (mine got ugly after two times and I threw it out when I was finished this time) and it’s recommended to once or twice a week.

It’s not like I have a lot of blackheads at this moment, but my skin has been behaving unusually lately and the area around my nose, well is a bit oily. It doesn’t feel harsh or weird on the skin and doesn’t take that much time. I actually enjoy rubbing my nose with this, yes strange – I know. After some time rubbing, the balls get a bit beige-ish? The color changes and I guess its just the sebum and stuff in my pores. However, it does not “pull out” any blackheads in the same way a pore strip does, but it works more like an exfoliator. Once I was finished, I washed the balls clean and left them to dry.

I mean, they do work – as an exfoliator, and it made my nose a bit clearer, and it had less visible blackheads. And like, the skin feels a lot smoother but then it’s not like I’m looking into a magnifying mirror and closely inspecting my nose right now. However, I’m considering to try these out on the area on my face that has been invaded by acne during this week to see if it does help… If you really wanna know, give them a try. I think we bought them for like 30 NOK (something around 3-4 $) and it comes with 12 balls so it’s pretty cheap.





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