Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Mask

I’m a sucker for cute packaging and the Panda’s Dream collection from Tony Moly is super cute! To be honest I just bought this sleeping mask because of it’s package!

This super cute panda is a deeply nourishing, but lightweight, sleeping pack formulated with Niacinamide(also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid) and Allantoin for smoother, softer skin and even skin tone. The mask is supposed to hydrate and gently brightening your skin while you slumber, so you can wake up to healthy, luminous skin.

I use this moisturizing sleeping pack maybe twice or three times a week? It kinda depends on my mood or if I’m using something else instead, but this pack takes moisturization seriously. I was a bit sceptical to this product when I ordered it, and thats mostly because of the “whitening and brightening” this is supposed to do. But to make this clear; In Asia, skin whitening has a completely different meaning than what we are used to in western countries. In countries like China, Japan and Korea this term has nothing to do with the actual color of the skin, but speaks more to the texture and overall health of the skin. These products make your skin glow, not have a lighter color. Ultimately, whitening products are not about being whiter or changing the color of your skin, it just bring lights to your face. Featuring lavender, rosemary, bamboo shoot extract and berry extract, this mask will help even out your skin tone and brighten dark spots – not make you white. img_2453

I have super dark bags under my eyes, and lets not forget the discoloration. My skin tone is uneven and yes, I do have red cheeks too. To top this off, I also have dry skin that needs moisture. So for my first sleeping pack I decided to go for the looks, and not the price or anything else. This is a product that you have to spend hours researching before you actually can find some decent reviews. But it’s cheap, so I went for it.



As you can see, this product has a super lightweight formula, kinda watery-gel-ish. It’s hard to put a specific name on it, but its super refreshing. It has no strange scent, I feel like it’s kinda neutral, scentless. When I apply it to my face I immediately feel hydrated and it’s a bit cold on the skin – something I like, & lets not forget – it soaks in super fast and makes the skin tone immediately even! A little product goes a long way here, and I am not messing with you when I’m telling you that it actually makes the skin tone even, when I put it on at night I feel like it “blurrs” things out, and when I wake up the next morning my face is more luminous and hydrated.

I actually don’t have that much to say about this product besides that it actually does what it says, it’s super cheap, love at first sight and keeps the skin hydrated and soft 24 hours after application. The only con I can point out, is the fact that it doesn’t come with a spatula or something you can scoop the product out with, so you gotta be careful while using this (clean hands!! but always remember clean hands when you are doing your skincare routine). && you know, it kinda does what it says it’s gonna do so I’m pretty happy. However, I will try out more high-end products but I wont stop buying this since I feel like it’s super affordable.





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