Son & Park Beauty Water

As I had my deep dive into the world of K-beauty I came past this product called Beauty Water by Son & Park. After reading multiple reviews I decided to order myself this world famous product.

I’ve been using Beauty Water as a “pre-toner” toner for a month now, and I have absolutely fallen in love now. Even though both my AM and PM routine includes double cleansing, this product still manages to get the dirt off my face! The Beauty Water retails in two sizes: 340ml and 500ml and of course, I splurged at the big size bottle. But what is this cult Korean beauty product? And what makes it so popular?

Created by two of Korea’s top makeup artist, Son Dae Sik, and Park Tae Yun, this not a toner. This is not a cleanser. This is more than that. It’s the smart Toning, Cleansing, Moisturizing liquid based on a natural plant therapy that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin at once. They call it Beauty Water. With its simple, frosted plastic bottle and minimalistic cap and print, the Son & Park Beauty Water focuses on perfecting skin and revitalizing it for makeup application or for the final steps of your skincare routine. Beauty Water has a pH of 4.5, effectively resetting the skin’s natural pH after cleansing.

So how do you use this? You can saturate a cotton pad and gently sweep the product across your face and neck, but I prefer adding some drops onto my palm and then tap it lightly on my skin. I’ve previously explained why, but if you haven’t seen the post it was mentioned in (read it here), personally, I feel like wasting product if I add it to a cotton pad (no matter what product except nail polish remover). The pad soaks up the product, thus – less product on your face.

As previously mentioned, this product is packed full with plant-based ingredients that have multiple nourishing factors. Coconut, wheat, corn, and potato have cleansing properties, while rose flower water, orange fruit extract and lavender water provides hydration and papaya fruit water, willow bark extract to gently exfoliate. And by now you might be thinking, how can one product serve so many purposes? Well, Son & Park makes good on its claims and more. This water actually works. It preps my skin before makeup, works as a toner and removes excess dirt on one simple application. It may not feel like it’s actually doing anything while applying it. But it gently exfoliates, hydrates and keeps the skin moist. I’ve noticed that my face works as a better canvas for my makeup, and the days I don’t wear anything, I like to apply it during the day just to brighten up my complexion and hydrate my skin.

*super professional pictures were taken by me in the middle of the night again*

As you can see from the picture, I’ve used a bit of it. Unfortunately, clumsy me managed to bump into the bottle the first time I used it… So more than 75% of the missing product, ended up on the bathroom floor. But all of the pictures have been taking after a month of using the Beauty Water, and if I wasn’t this clumsy I would have more product left. What I particularly love about the Beauty Water is that it leaves my skin smooth and supple even before I apply moisturizers.  When I use it at night I wake up with glowing skin that’s still soft and clear. This cleansing water does not dry my skin or create a rebound effect where stripped skin bounces back oilier and more problematic than ever.


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