Tony Moly Natural Goat Milk Premium Moisture Cream

For our second sample review we decided to try out the Tony Moly Natural Goat Milk Premium Moisture Cream. A moisturizer formulated with 50% raw goat milk.

A couple of days ago we tried another sample that we got from one of our eBay hoarder trips. This face cream is formulated with 50% Raw Goat Milk and is a highly nutritious cream that is extremely moisturizing. It’s supposed to give the skin a youthful dewy glow, and its apparently a lightweight yet hydrating cream that is great for dry winter months. Raw Goat Milk is actually similar to breast milk, grosssssss, or what? But it contains highly nutritious minerals such as Selenium and milk protein Beta-Casein to provide nourishment and vitality to skin while being completely irritation free.  It’s just not hydrating, but it also provides anti-aging properties to firm skin. It strengthens the skin’s immune system and helps to reduce the signs of skin inflammation and restores an imbalanced lipid barrier.

The key ingredients are:

  • New Zealand Raw Goat Milk Extract – Full of amino acids and vitamins such as Selenium and Beta-Casein that strengthen skin’s immune system.
  • Niacinamide – Brightens skin complexion.
  • Shea Butter – Rich in vitamins and fatty acids to nourish, soften, and protect.
  • Ceramides – Help restore and repair the skin barrier, keeping skin moisturized and supple.

First of all, the sample was pretty big – I got to apply it twice, so thats nice since you sometimes won’t notice the “greatness” of a product in the first try. It has a nice smell, and they are right about the consistency, its lightweight and easy to apply. However it’s quite creamy and fat, so the lightweight-less factor doesn’t apply here.  But it absorbed fast and didn’t end up sticky-icky. It’s really light on the skin after applying as well.

I feel like this is a product I might end up trying out when it gets colder here in Norway, as the winter dries out my skin. But, if you do have dry skin year around, try this out! You won’t be disappointed.


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