Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask

A while ago we went bat shit cray and ordered multiple Tony Moly Sheet Masks off eBay. The package arrived today, and we couldn’t wait to try them out. We picked out the clear skin mask & the skin purifying mask. The masks came in a bundle of 11 masks for $11.98, from this seller.


First of all, all of the masks have super kute (yes, since this is a K-beauty blog we’re all for the kute, not cute!)  packaging. They’re all super kute and colorful! As we take out the masks from the packaging, the sheets have thick paper, something we like, but they are a bit tricky to apply because of this. The “placing” process takes some time, and it’s actually a bit hard to make it fit. However, since there was some “hate” in the last review about Malie’s thickness, this isn’t as thick as those, but the thickness here is good!

However, the masks are super refreshing and the paper is SOAKED (!!!) in essence, but this isn’t a bad thing. The fact is that there’s also some essence left in the bag, so you actually have the opportunity to apply the essence to other body parts if you want to. Since the packaging says 20 – 30 mins, we left it on for around 20 mins and the results were pretty nice. Our skin was left super hydrated and glowy! Sigrun also noticed that her skin was very supple and hydrated the morning after as well, and she has a cold! Good job Tony moly.


Amount of essence: +
Thickness: +
Sizing: –
Reaction while testing: none!
End result: Glowy & hydrated skin

Total rating: 5! The only bad thing here is the size and the way the masks lay on our skin.


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