The Korean Skincare Routine

Everybody has a different, personal skincare routine, however here are some tips on how to get your own; 

Yes, we are aware of the multiple steps, and yes we are aware of the insane amount of products out there, so we have also added our fav’s at the moment to make this journey a bit easier for you guys!

1. Makeup remover & Oil-cleanser or Cleansing Balm
The first thing you need to do is to truly remove ALL makeup and use an oil cleanser! The oil cleanser is the first part of the double cleanse routine included in the K-beauty world, often referred to as a “pre-cleanser”. This is a cleanser that removes all of your makeup, including mascara and sunscreen! Of course, you could just use those makeup removing wipes and get half of it removed, and be stuck with the rest on your pillowcase, but that’s not the way you should do it! Grab the oil cleanser, massage it all over your dry face and neck to break up the makeup. Then add some water to emulsify the cleanser, massage it again and rinse everything off!
Currently ♡; Banila Co. Clean It Zero & Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil 

2. Foam or Water cleanser
They don’t call it double cleans for fun! After using the oil-based cleanser grab a water-based or foam-based cleanser to remove any remaining residue and impurities from your oil cleanse. Believe it or not, you’re still going to have stuff left over on your face after the first round. Apply the cleanser to wet skin and remove impurities like sweat and dirt! Wash off with water and enjoy that clean, glowing skin! However, it’s important to choose a cleaner with the right pH-level, and with right pH-level, we are talking about pH right under 7. Ideally, its supposed to be between 5-6, and a pH-level above 7 can actually harm the skins protection barrier, that again will lead to dry, tight and irritate the skin.
Currently ♡; COSRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser

3. Exfoliator
Now, this isn’t something you are supposed to do every day, but keep in mind that exfoliating at least twice a week is important for clear, polished skin. But if you have sensitive skin, try it out once a week! Exfoliating your skin does not only clean out clogged pores, but it removes dead skin cells and when removed brighter skin is revealed. Use a gentle enzyme or bead-based exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells, gently massage or tap the exfoliant into your skin (ps, don’t forget to wash it off it says so).
Currently ♡; COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads & COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads

4. Toner
Our skin acts like a sponge, and as we all know – its harder to rehydrate a dry sponge than a moist sponge. After cleaning your skin multiple times, it’s in a fragile state, so it’s important to rehydrate it. Toners help to remove any extra residue from the previous steps and immediately coats your bare skin with multiple nutrients and minerals – its the product that dampens your skin and balances its pH levels. The toner acts as a way to prep the skin, so it’ll absorb the following treatments better. Sprinkle the toner into your hands and tap it directly onto your skin, or dispense it onto a cotton pad and gently swipe around your face working outwards. Ps, if you apply it to a cotton pad there might be some waste since the product soaks into the cotton.
Currently ♡; Son & Park Beauty Water & Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner

5. Essence
By now you just might think that this is just another extra step you could have skipped if you used your beloved cleaning wipes? Guess what, you are wrong. Essence is the most important step of your 10-step routine. Look at it like the♡of your k-beauty routine. An essence is a lightweight but packed with concentrated hydrating, anti-aging and complexion-enhancing ingredients. It’s a frickin’ hybrid and although the ingredients themselves may differ from product to product, depending on what kind of skin it’s meant for – the goal for every essence is the same! Apply it to freshly toned skin and pat in.
Currently ♡; COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence & Missha Time Revolution The First Intensive Moist Treatment Essence

6. Treatments
Treatments aren’t just one thing, we got serums, ampoules, liquids, mists and so much more! These products are used to tackle specific skin concerns asap. This step isn’t necessary for everyone unless you have brown spots, pigmentation or want to fade dark spots, get rid of acne, fine lines or just need that intense hydration – treatment products are what you need to get the job done.
Currently ♡; Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Borabit Ampoule

7. Sheet Masks
Just to clarify one thing, we love sheet masks & the great thing about it – you can use it once a week, twice a week or every night if you want to! The purpose of your mask depends on what your skin needs and there are so many alternatives out there you will lose your mind. But luckily, we review sheet masks often! All you need to do with sheet masks is to put one on and relax for 15-30 mins (depending on the product). Fyi, sheet masks are amazing for selfies and they provide you with a skin-nourishing ritual that imparts maximum treatment to your skin.
Currently ♡; Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask in Pearl, Lemon, Green Tea & Hyaluronic Acid

8. Eye cream
The area under our eyes is thin and delicate, more prone to dryness, and quicker to show age and fatigue. Using an eye cream provides the area with hydration and protection, and who doesn’t want to have this amazing under eye area that makes you look awake and fresh 24/7? There are so many products out on the market, and each of them addresses some concern you probably have. The key is to address one of your biggest problems like dark circles, fine lines or just puffiness. Apply the product using your ring finger and gently tap eye cream around the entire orbital bone, never rub!
Currently ♡; COSRX Honey Ceramide Eye Cream

9. Moisturizer
By now you might have done 7-9 steps and soon you’ll be done, literally at the near-end. After spending so much time on your face (after a while you’ll do your routine faster than you ever thought, trust us), hydration is your express lane to glowy, dewy skin. The most important thing here is to find a moisturizer that works for your skin type & they come in multiple forms – gel, lotion, cream or emulsion. But they create a barrier on the skin to protect and emulsify the top layer of your skin and seal everything in.  Depending on what environment you live in, you might need to have a few different products laying around for the winter/summer time, but these are all things depending on your skin and the area you live in. But the application process is the same – gently pat the product onto your face and neck, every morning and night, every single day!
Currently ♡; Skin Watchers All New Ceramizing Cream 

11. Sun protection
The key to young, wrinkle-free skin, is the one and only famous – SPF!  Even if you’re stepping outside to throw out the trash, you should, no! You must wear SPF! This is the easiest and most effective way to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. NEVER SKIP THIS STEP! Gently apply SPF onto your face and neck every morning, every single day! Make sure the product you use provides adequate coverage and there’s no harm in topping your SPF up during the day with a BB or CC cushion with SPF during the day!
Currently ♡; Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish SPF 50++/PA++

12. Sleeping packs
Sleeping packs are the best beauty routines and an effortless one. Korean sleeping packs let your skin soak ineffective ingredients while you snooze! These products are like night creams on speed. They contain the benefit of a face mask but dries on your face like a night cream.  Each sleeping pack differs in terms of the ingredients it packs, but you can generally expect to find peptides, herbal extracts, essential oils and so much more! If you have really dry skin, apply this over your regular moisturizer, wait until it soaks in – and sleep. Or, just apply it instead of your moisturizer. Oh, btw! They also have sleeping masks for the lips!
Currently ♡; Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry & Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

13. Other masks
In the huge world of k-beauty there are so many other products left to talk about, however, they offer multiple kinds of masks. We like to add wash-off masks, a simple, easy way to soothe and pamper the skin. Gently massage the mask onto freshly washed, damp face, avoiding the eyes and leave on for the recommended time.
Currently ♡; Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 



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